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Reading inc Accelerated Reader

Reading is a central to all the learning that the children undertake here at Tudor CE Primary School. From phonics to guided reading to sharing texts together to independent reading; our curriculum is designed to help promote reading skills in all of our children.

We see reading as being much more than "barking at print"; that is to say a child might be able to say the word but will they understand its meanings and connotations.

We use Accelerated Reader to help our children develop comprehension and inference skills.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a web based program that helps the children make progress in reading by ensuring that they are choosing books at the right level for comprehension. Included below is a PowerPoint presentation that was shared with parents during an information evening. If you have any further questions then please ask your child's teacher

Helping at Home

At a recent meeting, parents asked for support in the types of questions to ask children about their reading that went beyond the simple recalling of information. Please find below a range of questions that you might like to ask your children to help them develop those skills of reading for more than just simple information.

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