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Take One Picture Project

The Take One Picure Project was an exciting year long project that we undertok after attending some training at the National gallery in London in the Autumn term.

The whole school chose a picture and created work from this picture for the half term. The picture we chose was 'Men of the Docks' by Goerge Bellows.

The work covered all areas of the curriculum. it was astonishing to see how many different areas of study the children chose to focus on from the same picture. Some classes chose to work on the sea, some on industrial development, some on clothing and fashion, some on ships and sea travel through history, some on the use of animals throughout history, the list goes on. 

Please take amoment to look through the photos above which are from our art exhibition we held at the end of the summer term 2019. 

Our work may be exhibited at the National Gallery in London later on in the year. If so we will let you all know!! And of course we will all go on a school trip to see it!!

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