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Mathematics at Tudor

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Please see the document above for our 2023-2024 overview. 


Our EYFS and KS1 teachers continue to enagage with Mastering number, and our KS2 teachers will also be starting Mastering Number for KS2. The school will continue to work with our local maths hub on the sustaining mastery course.  

Please see our action plan for 2023-2024 below to find out how we are continuing to move maths forwards at Tudor this year.

God used beautiful mathematics when creating the world. 

Paul Dirac. 

At Tudor, we use the Mastery approach to teach maths. We have high expectations of all our children and encourage all to develop a love and deep knowledge of all areas of the curriculum. We work closely with our local Maths hub and staff receive regular CPD to ensure the opportunities we offer our children continue to be the best they can possibly be.

Our curriculum is structured to enable children to move their learning forward in a coherent sequence of small steps, enabling all to truly master and to develop confidence with each step along the way. Our Early Years and KS1 curriculum is structured using the NCETM resources and KS2 now follows the White Rose curriculum. Children are able to build on previous learning and make connections while moving forward in their learning journey. We use the CPA approach, representing concepts in a variety of carefully chosen ways, in order to reveal deeper understanding of abstract concepts. This enables children to truly understand and master new learning.

Children are encouraged to be active learners and to participate in lessons. Stem sentences are used to help children articulate their learning and use of correct maths vocabulary. Questions are carefully planned to help children make connections and extend their learning further. In order to become secure with learning, children need practice both independently and with others. Tasks are carefully designed and quality resources used to ensure all children encounter both opportunities to practice procedures and problem solving regularly.

In recognizing the importance of developing fluency of number facts, all our lessons start with a fluency session. In KS2, children will now also be receiving a fluency lesson each Friday. Our children also engage with the Mastering Number whole class intervention developed by the NCETM. Children are encouraged to make observations and think flexibly using a range of representations and contexts.

We believe all children can succeed in maths. Teachers live mark during lessons in order that misconceptions are quickly picked up and corrected. End of block assessments are completed regularly by all children in KS2 and these results are used to inform additional support needed to ensure all children are given the support they need to both catch up and keep up. Children also complete end of term assessments which are used to inform the following term.

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