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Allotment 2023

We had our first allotment group this lunchtime. We thought we would be digging up the soil but instead we harvested the remnants of the summer planting. We found courgettes, tomatoes, sweetcorn, potatoes, pears, apples and we even saw a little frog!

Amazing work everyone!

The Country Trust and being outside

We are very fortunate to be working with The Country Trust this year with our allotment. 

The children have dug over the ground, planted some seeds in pots and are getting prepared for the summer. 

Many thanks too to our wonderful parents for coming in to help out with this. 

We had a lovely time working on our own and also as a team today planting out some pots for the winter. We thought about the colours and what would look nice together. We marvelled at the rotts and the intricacy of them. It was lovely to enjoy a slower pace and enjoy the chat between us all. 

They did a wonderful job!

We are beginning to eat our produce at lunchtimes. So far we have eaten radishes, lettuces, and carrots. Our potatoes will be next to harvest. 


27th November 2023

The allotment group had a wonderful trip to the plant nursery this week. We went to the The Garden Nursery Constitution Hill.

The children saw seed storage, planted out strawberry plants, divided mint and planted it out, planted some sweat peas for next spring and also planted their own daffodil bulbs. They learnt about peat, compost and fertiliser and also of course about Sally the little robin!

One of them said it was their best trip ever on the way back!

Thank you so much to Mrs Ginn at the nursery for all her enthusiasm and sharing the wonderful history of the nursery with us. A very special place doing marvellous work!

See the photos below.

Year 2 children helping to plant out some autumnal containers. We hope you enjoy looking at them when you enter our school site.


This year we are continuing our own allotment. The children work with me each Friday and we have so far planted and harvested potatoes, french beans, radishes, carrots and courgettes. We are out in the fresh air, and spend an hour or so chatting about anything we think is important to us. Some of our topics recently have been transition to high school, choice of high school, relaxing at home, games to play outside, food we like to eat etc.

These times give the children space to be in the outside air and also the head space to chat through things that are concerning them in a free and easy way whilst undertaking gentle gardening.
They develop nurturing skills towards the seedlings which we have all grown from seed. 

We are enjoying eating some of our vegetables at lunchtime as soon as they are ready to harvest.


Mrs Dew. 

Mrs Dew is our Family support practitioner here at Tudor CE Primary School. She works here full time. She works with children and families for a variety of reasons. She can undertake play therapy, lego therapy, colour therapy, and positive parenting therapy with children or families.
She has undertaken many training courses including, but not limited to, first aid, safeguarding, signs of safety, child and adolscent counselling, Autism awareness, mindfulness, CBT training, Positive Parenting, Mental Health first aid, Mental Health Champions, Mindfullness in the classroom, and Mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. 

Early Years and Key Stage 1 forest area

We have recently developed a new forest area near our Early Years and Key stage 1 classes. This is an area where the children can play outside freely and enjoy digging in the ground, exploring the little paths and the plants that are growing there. This is a free play area and the children are free to use their imagination to create spaces and games with each other. 



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