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Cheer Boxes.

Christmas 2020.

This year we are asking families to donate any items for the cheer boxes such as fluffy socks, chocolates, Mince pies, slippers etc. 

Please bring all donations to school by December 11th. I will be delivering them on December 14th. 

If you know of anyone who might be lonley or isolated this Christmas please let me know and I will pass their name on for a Cheer Box. 

Let's work together to reach out to others in our community this Christmas. 

Remembering a Promise

Brodie in Sandringham class is working very hard following on from a promise he made earlier this term.

Several weeks ago our iSing Pop assembly asked the children to make promises as part of their reflection time. They were thinking how to care for the world God gave them.

Brodie promised to help look after animals. So he went home and looked up the numbers to call if he found an animal in distress so he knew who to call.

He also promised to think about waste.

He’s now cross with the amount of paper wasted on supermarket till receipts and is going to talk to the manager about reducing waste.

We wish Brodie all the very best in his project.

He has promised also to let us know how he gets on.

Australia Day

In response to the bush fires in Australia the children at Tudor have held a 'Come to school in the colours of the Australian flag' day. I am delighted to tell you we raised a total of £340 for the effort. Many thanks to everyone.

Real Citizenship

We are so proud!

We are so very  proud that these 3 girls went our of their way on Wednesday evening to help out an elderly gentleman and his wife when they were at a local supermarket. 

The elderly gentleman had lost his wife and car and these 3 girls, together with another headteacher who happened to be there, helped him find his wife, the car and helped him stay warm.

I found this out by a memebr of the public informing us.

We are very proud of their kindness, citizenship and compassion.

We are also very proud they kept themselves safe and didn't speak to strangers themselves without knwoing they were safe.



Community PCSO

 We are very grateful to our PSCO for spending time with us and talking to us about some dangers in the world and how we can keep ourselves safe. 

This is such a vital part of our learning as we grow up.

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