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Severe Weather Arrangements

 Radio Station  Frequencies & Websites  Closed School broadcast times
 BBC Radio Suffolk  95.5/95.9/103.9/104.6FM
 10 past the hour
 20 to the hour
 Heart  97.1/96.4FM
 After the news on the hour
 and on the half hour
 School Website  www.tudor.suffolk.dbprimary.com  


Details of school closures can also be found at http://schoolclosures.suffolk.gov.uk.

Although you may not have heard that school is closed, if you feel the weather conditions are so bad that your child would be exposed to unnecessary danger whilst travelling to school, then please keep them at home.

In some cases the school may open later to ensure that there will be adequate supervision for your child. This will also be emailed or broadcast.

Please avoid telephoning school unless you have an emergency. If the phone lines are blocked with incoming calls, we cannot contact County or local radio.

Yours sincerely

Liz Campbell

Head teacher

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