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Our Beautiful Work!

Here are some beautiful pieces of art from our Early Years. The children spend time working on their piece during a few weeks and are so very proud of their results. 

Art at Tudor.

At Tudor, Art is an essential area of the curriculum. We are very pleased to offer every child visual art and 3D art and design and technology  work throughout the year and weekly. 

We know the emotional and spiritual benefits of art and are passionate in our desire to allow each child to express their feelings and ideas through this medium. 

The school is 'dripping' with the art work from the children and you are very welcome to visit us and see this for yourselves. 


Orca Paintings.

'Last Chance To Paint'.

These are the wonderful Orca paintings the children in year 2 did when they joined a paint-along with the 'Last Chance To Paint' workshop.

They learnt about the environmental challenges for these wonderful creatures as well as produce some great paitnings.

Super job everyone!


Art Day

Autumn 2023

'The Girl with the Pearl Earring' by Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer

Please see the photos below for some of our inspired art work from our Art Day. 

Picasso Inspired Portraits

The children have finished their Picasso Inspired Art. 

They look wonderful! They are so proud of their pieces which are displayed in our school corridor with great pride. 

Year 5 and 6 children visit The Gainsborough Gallery.

As part of their topic, the children have enjoyed another visit to The Gainsborough Gallery and a workshop. They looked at textiles and portraits. The children also finished their work with a fashion show displaying their sewing work at upcycling pieces of clothing. 

Many thanks to The Gainsborough Gallery in Sudbury for their work with us during the year. 


Year 2 children enjoyed weaving with paper strips to create a leaf. 

EYFS art.

Here is some of our EYFS art work on display in their classroom. 

They are all different and completely adorable!

Digital Art

The children in year 2 have just completed their digital art unit of work.

It is wonderful work and was inspired by the wrok of Henri Rousseau and in particular the picture called 'The Surprise'.

February 2023.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

We had a wonderful day this week when the whole school spent the day thinking about the messages and art from this book and film. 

The children thought about being kind, courageous and friendly. They remembered that being courageous sometimes means asking for help, that tears are a sign of strength and not weakness and the storm will pass. 

What a wonderfully uplifting book and beautiful art!

Lowry Work

The children in key stage 1 looked at the work of Lowry in connectin with their topic about the City.

They used paper tearing techniques and produced some wonderful work. 

3D Clay work.

The children in lower key stage 2 used clay to plan and make their own Egyptian inspired pots. They planned their work after their investigations.

They were delighted with the result.  

Year 6 printing using tiles.

These are stunning tile prints from the children in year 6. It was inspired by work in Geography and the work by Mary Anning. They used 2 colours. Explanations are included in the photos! They look stunning in the corridor!

Autumn Term 2020.

This Autumn term for the for first half of the term we are enjoying a whole school project based on the painting 'A Regatta on the Grand Canal' by Canaletto. 

This is bringing the whole school together in their first project since Lockdown. 

Please ask your children about some of the work they are doing in connection wirth this. 


This is Mara's charcoal drawing inspired by the Venice canals and the painting by Canaletto entitled 'A Regatta on the Grand Canal'.

This painting was the Picture of the Month at the National Gallery in July 2020.

I'm sure you will agree a wonderful start to the new year at school here. 

January 2020.

Some wonderful art work from January 2020 around school. These are pictures from our Early Years! They are gorgeous!

The collages below are from children in year 3 and 4. They have been learning about Matisse as an artist and also reading the Iron Man in class. 

Polar Bears and all things Arctic!! By Year 2 children. 

Sewing and stitching.

Our key stage 2 children have enjoyed learning to sew and stitching. They have produced some very high quality work. 

Art work inpsired by Matisse.

Art work connected with the class topic.

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