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Ukraine Fundraiser day!

Everyone dressed up in the colours of the Ukraine Flag to help raise money for the disaster appeal.

Rainbow Day Fundraiser!

The Rainbow of Hope group decided to hold a fundraising day to help raise money for some essential oil diffusers for each classroom. We like to smell nice smells and it helps to keep the air clean and to make us feel alert and ready to learn. Our favourite smells are Lavender, Lemon and Tea tree.

The children all dressed up in rainbow colours or their favourite cvolour from the rainbow.

We were then able to buy everyone an oil diffuser for their room along with an essential oil of their choice. 



Latest project by the Rainbows Of Hope. 

We talked to all our friends in our classes about what might help them feel a little better in our classrooms this term. We talked about all sorts of things.

Some of the ideas were:

Having a Christmas Tree in our classrooms

Having Christmas Decorations up in all our classrooms

Having some birdfood so we can feed the birds

Having a plant in our classroom

Having a reflective area in each class

Having a prayer book so when we feel like it we can read prayers.

Displaying more inspirational posters

Having a postbox so we can send letters and messages to children in other bubbles while we are not able to play and meet with them at school. 

What we decided.

We are going to have a non-uniform day in the week beginning 23rd November to raise a little money for our class to buy some Christmas decorations with to decorate our classrooms with. 


Rainbows of Hope Group

The Rainbows of Hope group are a group of children who are trying to make life here at Tudor a little but nicer currently. 

The children have enjoyed returning to school but know it isn't wuite the same as before. Our job as Rainbows of Hope is to find things that we can do and have to make our time at the moment even better.

What do we do?

We meet weekly for a working lunch where we talk about what helps us to feel good and what activities we can do that helps us to feel good.

We decided that painting and art helps us to feel relaxed and happy so we ahev a school wode project to create some colourful flowers that we will all enjoy. 

We decided that we miss meeting friends from other classes so we have decided to do a whole school project based on the painitng 'Regatta on the Grand Canal so we can all feel together in our learning. We also have daily zoom assemblies to build our sense of commnunity. 

We have a whole school display of us all as pieces of our Tudor jigsaw which reminds us that we are all different and have special qualities but we all belong together even if we can't see each other. 

We know we feel better if we can go outside in the fresh air so the group ran a competition over the half term for an autumn photo and an autumn collage. We were amazed by the response and the display is pictured above. 

Very well done to:

Photo class

1st Prize - Nikolas

2nd Prize - Bella-Rose and Harley

3rd Prize - Joshua

Highly Commended - Izzy

Collage Class

1st Prize - Blake

2nd Prize - Sophia

3rd Prize - Abigail

Highly Commended - Emelia. 

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