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Parent Survey 2023

Here are some of the headlines results from this year's parent survey.

We are again incredibly grateful to all our parents for taking the time to respond and return the questionaire. We lsiten to all suggestions and act on them if we can. These surevy results are from 85 responses. % reflect what % of the 85 responses and not the whole school community. 

100% of parents say their child feels safe at school. 

100% of parents said the school signposted them or their child to appropriate support if it had been needed and of course not everyone has needed it.

98% of parents say their child has made good progress over the past year.

98% of parents say they have been kept informed about matters that affect their child.

96% of ;parents say their child is happy at school.

95% of parents say the school makes sure the pupils are well behaved.

94% of parents say the communication from school is clear, effective and timely.

Some actions we are taking as response to some comments:

1. Try to consolidate communication so no more than 1 means of communication each day.

2. Use PDF form of newsletter so it can be read on all types of devices.  

Please read below some comments made on the survey by our parents:

‘Keep doing what you’re doing’.

‘Everything is really good’.

‘Thank you very much to all the teachers’.

‘Special mention to this year’s topics – they have been great! Kings, queens, Titanic, my son has loved them’.

‘I would really like to mention how great the school (particularly Mrs Munnings and Mrs Gallagher) have been in regards to my son’s speech therapy. He has received fantastic support from both the teachers. Mrs Munnings spent time researching what could be done in school to help. She spoke to me regularly to discuss goals and how he was doing’.

‘EYFS staff are amazing!’

‘We have seen brilliant results in terms of reading and writing. A big well done to all’.

‘Thank you to all at Tudor for welcoming our daughter and helping her settle in. We feel you have gone above and beyond to include her and take care of her well-being – we are so grateful’.

‘We love Tudor Primary’.

‘Loads of trips ****** loves them!’

‘Thank you very much to all staff and teachers and Head teacher’.

‘My daughter joined your school in January and she was ‘behind’ in everything. We feel she has made amazing progress across the board: her reading makes us smile every day and now she happily tells us that she ‘loves reading’. Thank you!’

‘The support from everyone at the school for both **** and my family during the past school year has been amazing!’

‘We so appreciate Miss Dixey’s work ethic and how much **** has learnt this year’.

‘Thank you for your concern and support for our children’.

‘It is brilliant how much of the children’s learning and experiences we get to see on Tapestry’.

‘When we talk to the teacher we always feel listened to and that time is made for us’.

‘Office staff are always accommodating, helpful and supportive – thank you!’

‘We’re coming to the end of our time as a family at Tudor. You have been the very best primary school for both of my children. Thank you all so much for everything. We will miss Tudor!’

‘A special mention for Mrs Willett who always keeps me informed and looks out for my child’.

‘We’re so impressed with the trips, activities led by the Country trust, opportunities for parents to help and join in’.

‘The happy atmosphere and behaviour and politeness of the children is fabulous’.

‘Both *** and *** have come on leaps and bounds this year. Most notably ** with his confidence and making friends and *** with his reading, which has been extraordinary’.

‘**** has had a wonderful first year at Tudor from being a nervous starter the school have worked with *** to make her the confident girls she is now’.

‘We are overjoyed at the progress she has made and very happy with everything regarding the school’.

‘A massive congratulations and well done Tudor Primary’.

‘We are very happy in this school. Mrs Campbell and the other teachers we want to thank you for being with us’.

‘My son has thrived this year’.

‘The progress he is making continues to surprise me’.

‘He loves reading and maths and Miss Dixie has really encouraged this whilst also challenging him to go further (which is exactly what my son needs)’

‘Special mention to Mrs Campbell, she is always around and always approachable. My children often say they spoke to Mrs Campbell today or they saw her in her office. I always notice that she really knows the children and takes an interest in what they are doing whether that is in school or outside of school. She really does make the school special’.

‘She has had an amazing year, many more good years to come’.

‘I feel ***** has come on leaps and bounds since starting school, she has already learnt so much and is continuing to progress each day! This wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic teachers/assistants. Thank you for all you do for her’.

‘The staff are always available to talk to and have been very supportive when needed’.

‘I am pleased with the updates we get from Tapestry as it helps me to get *** to engage about her day after school – we can talk about things she is doing and learning together’.

‘Miss Williams is a wonderful positive influence on the children’.

‘We greatly appreciate her discussing important topics with the children’.

‘Really great teaching’.

‘The drop off time between 8.40-8.50am makes the morning rush much easier and reduces the pressure of being late’.

‘I appreciate staff giving up their time to run drama club and the work that goes in to the school play’.

‘Maths is taught very well’.

‘Our son says Miss Woods is wonderful – he loves her teaching’.

‘My child has really improved his reading and actually enjoys reading to himself before bed each night’.

‘We are grateful for all your support in order for our children to learn not just academically but also the importance of Faith, friendship, togetherness and all these characteristics’.

‘Thanks to all of you for your guidance and patience’.

‘I am very grateful for your support from the family and children who have just joined your school’.

‘Firstly can we say a special thank you to Mrs Munnings, she listens, takes notes and responds brilliantly with anything’.

‘We are thoroughly impressed by the academic and social progress our child has made in his first year’.

‘The reception team are outstanding and have ensured our child has a solid foundation for entering KS1’.

‘The wraparound teams have been excellent with supporting our child’s adjustments to school life and routines – something we are incredibly grateful for’.

‘No words – just outstanding!’

‘Communication to parents is simply amazing, reception staff are helpful, Mrs Campbell is informative and available, very pleased!’

Parent Survey 2022


Here are the headlines of the results from this year's parent survey. We are incredibly grateful to our parents for completing the survey and for making suggestions to us. We listen to them all and act upon them if we can. 

100% of our parents feel their child is safe at this school. 

100% of parents feel confident in the school's risk assessments to keep their children safe.

100% of parents either felt the school makes sure pupils are well behaved or felt it was not applicable here at Tudor.

100% of parents either agreed their concerns have been responded to in a timely manner or felt it was not appropriate as they have had no concerns.

100% of parents would recommend this school to another parent. 

98% of parents feel their child is happy at this school. 

98% of parents feel communication is regular, clear and effective.

98% of parents feel their child has made good progress this year

96% of parents feel the school has demonstrated a positive attitude towrads their child's mental health or the other 4% felt it was not applicable to their child. 

96% of parents felt the school has high expectations of their child. 

62% of parents felt the school has signed posted them to appropriate additional support if necessary. The other 28% of parents felt this was not apropriate for them as they had not needed additional support. 

36% of parents felt that if their child had experienced bullying/unkind behaviour that the school had dealt with it both quickly and effectively. 64% felt it was not appropriate to answer as their child had not experienced any bullying or unkindness while here at Tudor. 

Please read below some of the comments made by our parents during this survey.

Some of these, and others, are on display in our entrance area.

'The Tudor staff team make us feel welcomed and valued and are always happy to help with any concerns/issues we might have had'.

'The quality of teaching has been excellent and we are happy with the expectations placed on our child'.

'You're the best thank you!'.

'Our child loves Tudor'.

'You all make sure everyone is safe and most of all happy'.

'Lovely atmosphere for the children'.

'Thank you for a well run school'.

'We have only been at school 2 years and my child has come on leaps and bounds'.

'I cannot rate communication highly enough. The regular updates and information sharing is brilliant'.

'Such a wonderful school, I am so grateful'.

'I would like to congratulate you on the new reading scheme. My child's confidence and ability has changed massively since the swap'.

'My daughter is very happy at Tudor and making great progress'.

'The school staff are supportive of emotional wellbeing, learing is shared and celebrated and my daughter has enjoyed learning'. 

'*** has settled in so well to life at Tudor and has improved so mich with his reading and writing'.

'My daughter had speech and learning delays before starting school and the school and the teachers have helped her so much and she has progressed so much thanks to the help and attention they offer'. 

'Another year of fantastic and hard work by all the staff'.

'Staff are very well organised and any behaviours fo concern are managed appropriately and effectively'.

'Thank you for a great year! We are happy with how our child is progressing, the quality of the teaching and the expectations you have of them'. 

'We are confident that if we have any concerns they will be dealt with and resolved promtly'. 

'Thank you for everything you do for all the children'. 






Parent Survey 2021


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