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Parents' Views

We like to take views from our parents in order to ensure that we are effectively communicating our objectives and our strategies to all. Please see below for comments that parents have shared with us.

Parent Tours October 2014

These comments are a selection taken from a survey of parents' view taken after a tour of the school.

The children were happy and very much engaged in their work...it was lovely to see clear rewards and charts in place that the children held in high regard.

The children were impeccably behaved.

Additional adults [were being used] to support smaller groups...still working towards the same goals. [They] seemed to be very much benefitting from more of a 1:1 environment.

One issue that I think needs looking at is with regards to maths and children learning/finding different methods much easier.

From the head: Thanks for these comments. We are currently looking devising a new Calculations Policy which is more in relevant for the 2014 Curriculum. This should be ready to share with parents by early December. Update December 5th 2014 - New Calculations Policy available on Policies and Maths tab.It was lovely to see a head teacher who is so passionate about the children in this school and who is so focussed on the welfare of each and every pupil...I am sure the school will continue to improve over the coming years.

Parent Questionnaire - June 2015

We asked parents to complete a questionnaire which reflected the same questions asked on Parent View from Ofsted. Our results are posted below. The document on the left shows our numbers and percentages. The second offers you a comparison with other local schools whose information is available on Parent View. Some parents did not answer each question and this means that the numbers do not always collate effectively. Rounding to the nearest whole percentage will also occasionally mean a total greater or less than 100.

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