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True Worship Throughout the Year at Tudor.

Harvest Day 2020.

All the classes enjoyed a day learning about Harvest and producing some wonderful art and craft work. 

Our New School Prayer

Father God of Creation

Please be with us at this school.

Be with us in our learning and opportunities.

Be with us in our friendships and help us to always show respect to each other.

May you teach us the way to live and grow.

May our faith strengthen in you as we grow as a family.

Help us to take the values that we learn here into your wider world.

In Jesus' name



Lessons and Carols

This year we held a key stage 2 lessons and carols service in our school hall due to the rain and wind! 

It was a joy to see so many families attend and many thanks to all the teachers and children who took a turn with a reading. 

It was a beautiful way to remind us of the true meaning of this season of Joy and Hope.


So Proud!

We are so very proud of one of pupils here George Sayers. 

A few months ago he learnt about the plight of donkeys in the Palestinian Terratories and Israel. He decided he wanted to raise awareness of their plight by leading an assembly and telling the school about the difficulties. He prepared a powerpoint and spoke very clearly and confidently to the children. 

Following this he asked the school if we could help him raise £24 to help sponsor a donkey.

He, along with Miss Williams our Assistant Head Teacher, organised a film afternoon where the children were able to buy a ticket and enjoy the film 'Shrek!' and popcorn etc.

He was completely delighted with the support from everyone and for the amount of £303.45 that was raised. This is enough to adopt a Tudor Donkey, provide vet care and also hay and shelters, far more than he hoped to start with. 

This is an inspirational story of one young boy who wanted to help make a difference to something that was close to his heart! The world needs more people like George!!

Well done George we are so proud of you. 

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday or pancake day as the children liek to call it, is always an exciting day at Tudor! The smell of pancakes and lemons and other toppiongs spreads throughout the whole school! It is an important first step in the journey to Easter and one we always take time to remember. 

A Prayer for Schools

Loving God,
We are so thankful we can come to you.
Right now, we need your help,
To see us through these difficult times.

In our challenges, we need your security.
In our striving, we need your wisdom.
In our questioning, we need your guidance.
In our searching, we need your truth.
In our uncertainty, we need your answers.
In our anxiety, we need your peace.
In our frustration, we need your understanding.
In our fear, we need your love.
In our anger, we need your mercy.
In our weariness, we need your strength.
In our grief, we need your comfort.
In our darkness, we need your light.

We pray for moments of connection, 
Relief, grace and even joy to come,
Trusting in your faithfulness,
Holding on to hope.

Walk with us, each day, we pray,
Today and evermore.


Advent Hope.

This year more than any other year we all need to be reminded of the Hope that the cokming of Jesus into our world brings. These Advent Hope Candles remind us that Jesus, the Light of the World, came to earth to be like us so we can be like Him. 

These Hope Candles are on our gates and railings for our community to see, where our rainbows were. 

Harvest Festival Celebration 2020

Please enjoy seeing some of the work in progress from our Harvest Celebration Day held here in School. 

This all reminded us of the beauty of creation and the marvel of the seasons each year.

Thank you God for the harvest.

Fundraising and Compassion.

A copy of our letter home about our fundraising this term!

Dear parents/carers,

On Monday 27th January we are holding a dress up day in the colours of the Australian Flag (Red, White and Blue), in order to raise money for the Victorian Fire Fighters in Australia fighting the bush fires there. We also hope to make a donation to a small animal rescue centre, also in Victoria.

This is an idea that the children have come up with themselves and they are very keen to help out in this way. We are so pleased they are enthusiastically finding ways of helping people all around the world and want to support them in this endeavour and raise as much money as possible.

Therefore on Monday, which is in fact Australia Day, please send a contribution for the Fire Fighters to school in exchange for the children wearing red, white and blue. We will let you all know how much we raise. The children do not need to dress up like the flag, just in clothes that are either red, white and/or blue.

Thank you all so much for your continued support,

‘Life in all its fullness’

Daily Worship.

At Tudor we enjoy daily acts of worship at 9am. The whole school comes together for a collective act of worship. We follow the seasons of the year closely and also focus on a value each half term. More inforamtion about these values can be found under the Collective Worship and Value tab. 

We are also conscious that our worship needs to be on-going throughout the day and week and year. 

Nativity Play

The Key Stage 1 Nativity play entitled 'Everyone Counts' was a joy to watch and it was lovely to have such a crowded church for the occasion. The children sang their hearts out and performed their play brilliantly. The double page spread in the local paper gave it the title:

Tudor Nativity hailed the 'Best!'. 

Harvest Festival Below.

Our harvest festival last year took place on Thursday 27th September at St Gregory's Church. The children enjoyed talking about their work during a whole school harvest art and craft day. This included painting, printing, collage, weaving and cooking. It was lovely to see so many of you there and we hope you enjoyed this time of thanksgiving. Many thanks for the gifts of food to the Sudbury Food Bank. This will all go to families in need in our local area over the next few months. 


We alll celebrated Epiphany this year by making crowns to wear and then enjoyed an Epiphany Parade in the playground. Many thanks to all the families wo helped create the crowns at home! They were superb!!

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