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Videos to help with maths homework

At parents' evening I spoke to some parents who felt that they would like support finding videos to help with the work that their children are doing in Maths- especially some of the arithmetic which is covered in Years 5 and 6.  

I hope that you may find these useful!  I will add to them as we continue to work through the curriculum.  Please note that I have watched the videos, but cannot be held responsible for them.

Mrs R.

Long division

This video teaches the formal written method that I have taught the children in Otley.  Please note that I have taught the children that it is helpful to write out all the multiples of the number they are dividing by before they start the calculation.  This is to break the task into more manageable chunks rather than tackling it all at once.


Short division

This video teaches short division- or 'bus stop method' as the children call it! 

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Simplifying Fractions

There are lots of videos to help with this, but some are quite detailed and involve a lot of listening and watching. This may help if you just want a quick reminder.

nth term- at the request of Year 6!

We have been looking at how to create our own formula- particularly to find the nth term of a sequence.  Year 6 have asked me to put up this video, so that they can revise it at home.  I'm delighted that they are feeling so inspired by their lessons on algebra!

Finding the sum of the interior angles of a polygon

This revises the formula needed to find the sum of the interior angles of a range of polygons.  It reminds you how the prove your workking out, using diagrams to support.

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